Casting Certification

The Fly Fishers International Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP) began in 1995.  The purpose of the program is to provide education and to enhance the growth of fly casting instruction, establish a standard for fly casting instructors, and establish high standards in testing.  Casting instructors across the country and internationally need to be unified and talk the same language in order for the discipline to grow and improve.

Fly Fishers International has a Casting Instructor Certification Board of Governors (CBOG–for which I am one) that oversees the certification process. The first level of certification is the Casting Certified Instructor (CI). Currently there are just over 1100 CI’s.  The second and highest level of certification is the Certified Master Casting Instructor (MCI) of which there are 250. Finally, there is a Two Hand Certified Instructor  (THCI) classification of which there are 64.    Molly Semenik was the ninth woman to receive the Master Certification. To date their are 14 women MCI’s internationally.

A Master is a highly experienced and accomplished instructor, fly fisher and fly caster. The CBOG entrusts a Master to be a steward of the CI program. Masters may test  CI candidates.  Masters could become a CBOG. The casting certification program is an excellent way to become a better caster and therefore angler, but, also to improve ones ability to teach, analyze faults and communicate, which in turn builds confidence.  If a professional or volunteer, a certification adds to one’s credibility.

If you are thinking about becoming an instructor, if you are a guide or a serious angler the certification process may interest you. If you wish for guidance in the process or private instruction please contact Molly or