25 Montana Streams

Molly’s Book

Molly’s New Book, 25 Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Montana Fly-Fishing Streams was released in November, 2015.


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Book Reviews:

First I will have to say the pictures and maps are beautiful and first rate. Also there is considerable information about local guides, shops and lodging. Many of these great people I have met myself. What I like most about the book is Molly never forgets to tell us how ‘she’ feels personally about the places. Too many times books about fly fishing locations provide lots of information, but give no context to the reader of why the writer values that river over any other and in this case the values must be considerable in that the author has fished Montana for 45 years. She has seen a lot of great water.

You will never be disappointed fishing anywhere in Montana. Finding new and different places to fish in Montana is a life well spent. The only reason I did not give the book five stars is the title is a bit misleading “off the beaten path”. As Molly mentions, part of the reason she selects to speak of these rivers is their close proximity to airports and accessibility. While still awesome, these are sort of the second level in depth of Montana’s rivers. I have fished Montana for 50 years so I was hoping for a little more “off the beaten path”.

All in all, the book is a pleasure and quite an achievement.