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Let me share with you why people have truly had a life experience with the sport of fly fishing. Explore these pages to see the many ways you can enjoy this fantastic sport.

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25 Best Off-The-Beaten Path Montana Fly Fishing Streams by Molly Semenik

I have the honor of joining fellow authors at Stonefly Press with my new book released November of 2015. My book will guide you through the back roads of Montana with over 25 small rivers to visit and fun towns to explore. Over 100 photos, guide interviews, fly shops, lodging, dining and side bar excursions will give you plenty of ideas to get you started on your journey. Take a few days or better yet a month to explore Montana's big sky country.

A book program is available, please contact me or Stonefly Press if you are interested.

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Exclusive “Watch Your Cast” Instruction

Molly is offering casting instruction with video analysis.
Watch your own cast and advance to the next level.
A two-hour lesson includes:
Two hour casting lesson and video taping
On site video analysis
A DVD including your casting prior to and after your lesson
Notes from the lesson
Written homework assignments

$125 for the two-hour lesson and DVD

Fly Fishing Classes

Books and Videos of Interest

Hoping for a June Release!
"25 Of the Best Small Streams in Montana" by Molly Semenik
Published by Stonefly Press

"A Graceful Rise - Women in Fly Fishing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"
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The American Museum of Fly Fishing
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"Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park An Insiders Guide to the 50 Best Places" By Nate Schweber
*Molly talks about Grebe Lake

Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center
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